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Alexandra and Michael Engagement - with a California Photographer

I got to meet Alex and Michael a few months ago. We finally were able to get together and have their Engagement Shoot. This one was a very cool shoot because they were so laid back during it. We definitely had some laughs during the shoot and it was so nice seeing them interact with each other. As someone who is married, I absolutely know how stressful it can be, especially the closer the time comes to wedding. They were handling it like champs especially after working all day to get the venue for their upcoming wedding looking all nice and pretty. I am truly excited for them and to be able to capture their upcoming special day!


We had the good fortune to have Paulo come out and capture the time we had for a little Engagement Video! You can find his website here. If you have a few minutes you can check out the video he made below. It was a pleasure working with him as always!

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